Dawn's New Keema Pea Curry

So we had a takeaway curry one night in our house a few weeks ago my husband always orders keema , It was dripping in fat and wasnt nice at all i was so dissapointed at what we had spent for four of us as well the bill was over £30..

I said ill make one this week myself ....I was determined to prove i could do one better so when i was working next day i took some lamb mince home and added the ingredients i had organised ....

The husband couldnt actually believe i had made it and said have you had someone make this for me 😁😁

After convincing him he rang his friend who is a curry lover and invited him for tea as he does (without asking me )...

I was so impressed with myself i wanted to introduce it to the buisness and let you guys try it ... I wanted to make it as simple as possible though as busy mums and dads want things simple i get that no one wants to come home and start adding ingredients and slaving over the stove all night ( me included !!)

SO after weeks of deliberation and bulk buying ingredients testing tasting getting it perfect THE DAWN KEEMA was born ,,,,,

I am so proud to say from launching several weeks ago to date sales are MASSIVE !!!!

It isnt just the fact its good its the fact you can get a kilo for 4.99 and that kilo served with rice or naan bread or chapati will serve 4 people now think about that feeding 4 with a curry that not only is tasty its made with best english lamb and finest ingredients so you know exactly what you and your family are eating !!!!!

Please try some and we only hope you enjoy as much as me and our friends do !!!

When you receive your delicious product simply add to the pan stir and cook on medium heat for approx 10 15 minutes that really is it guys then serve !!!

Get yours here: https://silsdenbutchers.com/products/lamb-keema-pea-curry