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Pick & Mix – Choose 4 Packs for £40

Pack 1
1Lb Mince
1Lb Sausages
1Lb Diced Chicken
1Lb Italian Meatballs

Pack 2
1Lb Chinese Chicken Stir And Fry
1Lb Gammon Slices
1Lb Stewing Beef
1Lb Salt And Pepper Drumsticks

Pack 3
1Lb Braising Steaks
1Lb Pork Steaks
1Lb Back Bacon
1Lb Barbecued Mini Pork Spare Ribs

Pack 4
1 X Kilo Joint Roasting Pork Loin
1 X Kilo Gammon Roast
6 X Free Range Eggs

Pack 5
2 X Rump Steaks
1Lb Beef Burgers
1Lb Chinese Ribs
1Lb Bbq Chicken Nibblers

Pack 6
1 X Big Whole Farm Chicken
1Lb Sausages
6 X Chicken Chorizo Koftas

Pack 7
1 X Minted Lamb Shank
1Lb Pork And Apple Burgers
1Lb Spicy Chicken Drumsticks
1Lb Chicken Curry Mushrooms

Pack 8
1Lb Frying Steak
1Lb Chicken Steaks
1Lb Chinese Pork Mini Ribs
1 X Gammon Mini Roast

Pack 9
2 X Sirloin Steaks
1 X Smoked Gammon Mini Roast
1Lb Extra Lean Minced Steaks

Pack 10
1Lb Salt And Pepper Pork Steaks
2 X Pork Pies
10 X Samosas
1Lb Tandoori Chicken Fajitas

Pack 11
1Lb Cumberland Sausages
1Lb Smoked Gammon Slices
2 X Half Piri Piri Chickens
1Lb Lamb And Mint Burgers

Pack 12
1Lb Back Bacon
1Lb Wild Boar Sausages
1Lb Chicken Fillets
1Lb Braising Steak

Pack 13
1 X Gammon Mini Roast
1 X Small Whole Chicken
1Lb Chorizo Pork Sausages
1Lb Salt And Pepper Pork Spare Ribs

Pack 14
1 X Smoked Gammon Mini Roast
1Lb Peppersteak Burgers
1Lb Chicken Sausages
1Lb Alabama Chicken Stir And Fry

Pack 15
1Lb Steak Canadiennes
1Lb Garlic Sausages
1Lb Minced Beef
1Lb Sweet Chilli Lime Chicken Drumsticks

Pack 16
1Lb Chinese Belly Slices
1Lb Bbq Pork Sausages
1Lb Oak Smoked Gammon Slices
1Lb Diced Stewing Steak

Pack 17
1 X Small Garlic Butter Whole Chicken
1Lb Pork Sausages
2 X Steak Pies
1Lb Minced Beef

Pack 18
2 X Rib Eye Steaks
1Lb Chicken Fillets
1Lb Buffalo Chicken Nibblers
6 X Free Range Eggs

Pack 19
1 Mini Gammon Roast In Orange Mango Sauce
1Lb Kofta Kebabs
1Lb Jamaican Chicken Curry
1Lb Salt Pepper Turkey Steaks

Pack 20
1 X Pork Garlic Bacon Roasty Roll
1Lb Sweet N Sour Pork Stir Fry
1Lb Chicken Amazeballs

Pack 21
1 X Whole Bbq Small Chicken
1 X Gammon Mini Roast
1Lb Mince
1Lb Shami Kebabs